is anyone else quietly proud of aos jim for apologising to uhura for complaining about spock to her in the turbolift because he knows its inappropriate

like I know its the sort of behaviour that should just be expected of a captain but like. that’s some character development there. that’s a tiny smidgeon of maturity. I mean yes the grossly inappropriate undies scene kind of ruins it but??? maybe there is still hope for aos jimbo. maybe.


Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb Official Movie Trailer #1 2014

Get ready for the wildest and most adventure-filled Night at the Museum ever as Larry spans the globe, uniting favorite and new characters while embarking on an epic quest to save the magic before it is gone forever.


What would have once sounded like a “far-fetched feminist fantasy” – women forming the majority of a parliament – is a reality in Rwanda.

In fact, women are making gains throughout Africa, but these achievements have been met with a loud silence from the western feminist movement. 

African women are blazing a feminist trail - why don’t we hear their voices? (The Guardian) 


after 60 years, bilbo travelled to the east and thorin to the west. they met in the middle.

I don’t make fun of characters because I hate them I make fun of them because I love them but if I took them seriously I’d have to acknowledge the tragic trainwreck that is their life and that’s just too painful


[heavy breathing] hey u wanna watch star trek



The single most delightful implication of Dashcon is that now somebody is going to inevitably have to explain to a lawyer, probably several lawyers, and in turn, possibly an entire courtroom, what fandom is, what tumblr is, and all the ins and outs related to them.

i would watch that episode of law and order




someone tries to send the entire script of bee movie as a howler


i dunno man, Éomer just looks eternally done with everyone


I dare you to do better.




writing adult emails is awful

its like

hi [name of person], 

this formatting is making me uncomfortable but I have to tell you something / ask you something that is vital to my career as a student. 

I re-read and edited that sentence for an hour, but you’ll probably just glance over it for half a second.


- [name]




do not fix your dark circles let the world know youre tired of its shit and ready to kill a man


okay, most of what i do re: harry potter is criticism, and hp is flawed in such a number of ways, but sometimes i just sit here and

i mean, you all have a comprehension of just how drastically harry potter changed literature, yeah? like. it revitalized it. it blew the literary scene apart. the new york times had to create a separate bestseller’s list for children’s lit just because harry potter existed. harry potter changed reading.

so many people on tumblr were born in the ’90s. when the first book came out, most of us couldn’t read. but we grew up in a world where everyone, everyone, everyone was reading harry potter, no matter how old they were; we grew up in a world where the most popular story in the entire world was a fantasy children’s book.

it’s sort of difficult to grasp, sometimes, the extent to which harry potter is not just a book. the extent to which what is basically a series of fun, interesting, and fairly good novels is such an enormous, enormous part of our lives, a cultural touchstone, a truly universal reference point, something so many people have shaped their lives around, a foundation for all of the stories we would read and watch for the rest of our lives— for so many of us, the first books we ever loved

the extent to which so many of us can’t call ourselves “fans” of harry potter, because it would like being a “fan” of, like, having lungs.

it’s not even about liking it or disliking it. it’s just a part of us.